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CPA Partnerships leverages our Cost Segregation expertise and marketing approaches to provide loyalty partnership programs for Accounting firms who work with Real Estate professionals and investors. These initiatives are focused educating and maximizing tax benefits through Cost Segregation Services for their clients engaged in commercial real estate investments.

Cost Segregation
(Engineering) Services

For clients who own commercial properties, there is a significant likelihood that they would financially benefit from an IRS-approved Engineered Cost Segregation Study. Today, more than ever commercial property owners are looking to free up more cash.

The U.S. Treasury Department in 2004 stated:

“Cost Segregation is a lucrative Tax Strategy that should be used in almost every major purchase of Commercial Real Estate.”

Tax firms who are offering our Cost Segregation service and freeing up cash by lowering their client’s tax base are also benefiting from this IRS approved tax strategy.

CPA Partnerships provides our accounting partners free marketing tools to educate their clients of the benefits of Cost Segregation and we do not charge Affiliate fees. Request information about our Partner Program and explore how it can benefit you and your clients.

Don’t assume that your clients are too small to benefit from a Cost Segregation Study. Every building is a potential candidate for a study so the opportunities are virtually endless. We will provide your client through you a no-cost, no-obligation Cost Segregation Estimate and Proposal. It is a no-risk opportunity your client will thank you for.

If you are currently offering Cost Segregation services, we ask that you compare our experience and services. If you do not currently offer Cost Segregation services, we will provide you everything necessary to offer this service which will be financially rewarding for you and your clients.

Our Engineers

The CSR engineering team brings a wealth of experience, having crafted thousands of Cost Segregation Studies for accounting firms across the United States. Covering a broad spectrum of industries and property types including offices, retail centers, multi-family units, medical facilities, automotive dealerships, grocery stores, hotels, golf courses, single-family rentals, manufacturing plants, restaurants, branch banks, and large-scale construction projects exceeding $100 million in costs, our clients receive comprehensive reports tailored for easy comprehension without the fluff.

Our CSR team has a database of over 10,000 studies in order to provide you and your clients accurate estimates and our CSR team will defend our product from any IRS scrutiny. Your customers always come first.

An Average Cost Segregation study can identify up to 15% – 40% of a property’s value for reclassification. These reclassified components receive an accelerated depreciation period of 5 – 7 years for personal property and 15 years for land improvements.

Ask about adding your accounting firm’s name to both our presentations and fliers (PDF) to share with your clients.  

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By providing our Cost Segregation Study to clients, Tax Professionals are generating substantial earnings, creating a mutually beneficial outcome for all parties involved. To discover further details about our Cost Segregation Services and Partner Program, Click Here.

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